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Lord ARCHBISHOP DR. UWE A.E. ROSENKRANZ LOGOS Bible Software training Spring 2022     Here’s the recording from Monday’s Logos training: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WqUb2E72alMCvg9f59PA-QvnxDRKC-rd/view?usp=sharing   For a larger view, it’s better to download the file than stream it. The last 15 minutes contains Q and A that can be skipped. You can also skip the first 6 […]

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LOGOS mit über 4.200 Quellen

Frühjahr-Semester beginnt! Holy Rosary Church, Rosary Ministries International, All Independent Christian Dioceses and Union, Diplomatic Imperial Royal Academy are inviting You to LOGOS / Faithlife Remote Research Library Would you like to be able to search distinct collections of journals, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, theological books, church history resources, or sermon illustrations with the click of […]

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Weihnachtsrundbrief und Lehrpredigt von LAD Rosenkranz

Connexio-  Wie    wir     auf l    okaler     Ebene     Brücken     bauen    und     Gemeinschaft     pflegen     könnten.-  Von  Lord  Archbishop  Dr.  Uwe  A.  E.  Rosenkranz Rosary.fan   Rosary.center   Bitte schauen SIE SICH FOLGENDES VIDEO AN :     Was wir praktisch tun auf unseren Missionsfeldern: (Bitzer Beitrag):   […]

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DIRA- LOGOS the double edged fire- sword by Lord Archbishop Dr. Uwe A. E. Rosenkranz

logos How to start         What are Students Saying? “Logos will change the way you study the Bible!” – Caleb   “You can take your large Logos library wherever you go! It saves an abundance of time in Bible study and ministry prep.” – Julie   “I highly encourage everyone to use […]

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Holy Rosary Church Bible Academy with LOGOS- The Remote Research Library- von Uwe Rosenkranz

Logos Bible Software Trainings (Fall 2021)       Logos Bible Software is an incredible blessing and excels in its ability to help you dig deep into God’s Word. We are convinced that Logos will enhance your studies and save you valuable time. Dr. Steven Ingino from Logos Bible Software will be providing training in Logos […]

Bildung Horoskop

SuperflowerBloodmoon und Horoskop – von LAD Rosary

Parallelhoroskop für Uwe Rosenkranz Horoskop 1 Horoskop 2 Archbishop Dr. Uwe Rosenkranz Horoskop 2 als Basishoroskop Flowermoon Rosenkranz Horoskop 1 eingeblendet Partnerdeutungen Archbishop Dr. Uwe Mond in Waage Flowermoon Mond in Widder  Mond in Waage und Widder Archbishop Dr. Uwe Sonne in Zwillinge Flowermoon Sonne in Zwillinge  Sonne in Zwillinge und Zwillinge Archbishop Dr. Uwe […]

Befreiung von Sklaverei Bildung Busse Covid- 19; RRL

Busssakrament- von Uwe Rosenkranz

Jona 3,8–10 8 And let men and beasts be covered with sackcloth, and cry to the Lord with all their strength, and let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the iniquity that is in their hands. 9 Who can tell if God will turn, and forgive: and will turn away from […]

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Shutdown and Opening – The Remote Research Library + EasyKall + QR-Reg von LAD Uwe Rosenkranz

  Parler.com shutdown for many: Youtube shutdown Facebook shutdown Twitter Shutdown VOAT shutdown shutdowns following     WENN INTERNET UND SOZIALE MEDIEN keine #Kommunikationssicherheit keine #Energiesicherheit keine#Nahrungsmittelsicherheit keine  gute #Wasserqualität sichern keine #Hygienesicherheit keine #Versorgungssicherheit keine #Reisefreiheit keine #Meinungsfreiheit keine #Freiheit und Sicherheit der Lehre keine #Gebetsversammlungen mehr ermöglichen, hat es meiner  Meinung nach seinen […]