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Logos Bible Software Trainings (Fall 2022)


Logos Bible Software is an incredible blessing and excels in its ability to help you dig deep into God’s Word. We are convinced that Logos will enhance your studies and save you valuable time. Dr. Steven Ingino from Logos Bible Software will be providing training in Logos for our students (and faculty are welcome to join as well). Steve has used Logos for over twenty years as a seminary student and pastor and will share how to get the most out of the software for your studies and ministries.

If you are new to Logos or looking to grow in your usage of the software, we highly encourage you to attend one or more of the upcoming online trainings described below. You can attend as many of the trainings as you’d like, and if a time doesn’t work for you, there are also on-demand options listed below. Save your spot by registering soon!


  • Logos Basic and Intermediate Training – Monday, 9/12 – Noon Pacific
  • Searching and Research in Logos – Friday, 9/16 – Noon Pacific
  • Using Logos for Sermon Preparation – Thursday, 9/22 – Noon Pacific
  • Ask Anything! Q&A for Logos Bible Software – Friday, 9/23 – Noon Pacific

Check out the Training Hub with all the training registration links in one place and additional trainings (various dates/times) offered by other Logos trainers: https://www.logos.com/academic-webinars

If the links below do not work, please use the registration link in the Training Hub above (some email clients scramble links for security purposes).


** For schools that are overseas, these trainings will be recorded, and links sent to you after the session. However, students may prefer using the student training site listed below so that they can pause the video and work in Logos at their own pace.


Logos Basic and Intermediate Training: (105 Minutes)


  • When?: Monday9/12/2022 @ Noon Pacific (Register Here)
  • Where?: Online – Zoom link supplied with registration
  • Why?: In this training, you’ll discover strategies anyone can use to get started with ease but will also gain a greater appreciation of how to customize Logos for your specific study needs.We will cover topics and features such as customizing layouts, utilizing parallel resources, the text comparison tool, the information tool, the passage guide, exegetical guide, topic guide, Bible word study guide (linking tools and guides to your Bible for instant lookup), basic biblical searching, searching your library, the Factbook, the amazing tools on the selection menu to speed up research, and time-saving shortcuts.
  • If these times don’t work for you, take the online “Getting Started” course here (https://www.easy-lms.com/getting-started-with-logos/course-42298) or watch the 101, 102, and 103 videos at www.logos.com/student-training
  • For training materials in Spanish, please visit: https://support.logos.com/hc/es
  • Spanish Training Videos: https://support.logos.com/hc/es/categories/360000675231

Searching and Researching in Logos (105 minutes)

  • When?: Friday9/16/2022 @ Noon Pacific (Register Here)
  • Where?: Online- Zoom link supplied with registration
  • Why?: In this training, we will cover how to use Logos to perform basic and sophisticated searches in the Biblical text. You will learn how to do original language searches (on words and phrases) and how to use the morph search for some powerful searches that will enhance your studies and exegesis.

You’ll discover how to search multiple books in your library for various content, improving your research (search all your journals, commentaries, or Bible dictionaries, etc.). We will cover how to use the Notes Tool and Favorites Tool for your research and for writing papers. You’ll learn how Logos can help you with citing sources (footnotes), building a bibliography, “automatically” creating a bibliography for you, as well as collecting, organizing, storing, and searching notes for your current studies and years of use in the future.

Using Logos for Sermon Preparation (90 min)

  • When?: Thursday 9/22/2022 @ Noon Pacific (Register Here)
  • Where?: Online- Zoom link supplied with registration
  • Why?: Logos is full of amazing tools and resources designed to support the needs of those who preach and teach. In this training, you’ll learn how to prepare sermons through the exegetical, theological, and homiletical research process. You’ll also learn time-saving tips that Steve has used for 15 years as a pastor and Logos user.

Ask Anything! Q&A for Logos Bible Software (1 hour)

  • When?: Friday, 9/23/2022 @ Noon Pacific (Register Here)
  • Where?: Online- Zoom link supplied with registration
  • Why?: You probably have Logos questions related to specific assignments, study needs, or various tools and features. Here’s your opportunity to ask anything you want! Feel free to listen in and learn even if you don’t have specific questions.

Please contact Steve Ingino at steven.ingino@faithlife.com if you have questions about the trainings.



  Dr. Steven Ingino Academic Solutions Customer Success Manager Logos Training Specialist   Faithlife Makers of Logos Bible Software  
We use technology to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible.

Dear Faculty,

We have the opportunity to participate in the completely redesigned Logos Faculty Training Program. This includes a series of four online, self-paced levels designed to help us learn Logos and consider how it can support learning in the courses we teach. Faithlife is providing the program for free to any faculty who want to participate.

In addition, Faithlife will also apply a $25 credit per level completed to the account of each participant plus an additional $25 credit if all four levels are completed. On top of this, two participants who complete the Level 3 training will be chosen to win a bonus prize of $100 credit. These credits can be used for any purchases at logos.com.

For more information about the program and how you can get started, click the following link: https://www.easy-lms.com/logos-faculty-training/course-77742

The levels are now open, and to qualify for the credits, all work must be completed by 11:59 p.m. Central on August 12th, 2022. Additional details can be found at the link above.

Logos is an amazing resource, and we highly encourage you to participate even if you only have time to complete Level 1. It will be well worth the time. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Steven Ingino at steven.ingino@faithlife.com

Thank you!



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CV of Archbishop Dr. Uwe Alfred Erich Rosenkranz, MA,DD.

Born Pentecoast Sunday 1960 as first son of Ernst-August Otto Gustav Emil Rosenkranz und Angret Hedwig Rosenkranz.
Brother Bernd Rosenkranz, Sister Kerstin Rosenkranz
 married since 1998 with Elke Christa Rosenkranz
School: Groundschool Mönchengladbach-Hardt 1966-1970
Gymnasium Math.Nat.Gymn. MG 1970 - 1979 -Abitur
Apprentice: Dresdner Bank MG, 1979-1982 - Bankkaufmann (Banker)
Studies: University of Bonn, Germany, Agrarwissenschaft (Agrar Sience), Organischer Landbau (Organic Farming)
1982 - 1992 - Diploma- Bachelor
ALANUS Highschool of Arts and social leadership 1983 - 1990 - Profect leader
Bio-Seal EU2000 
Bioseal globally (IFOAM) 2010
Sales Engineer Minister Highschool- 2000-2001
Global University/ICI/Berean 2000 - 2010
Religious Education , Second BA
Perpetual Incardination as Priest (Reverend) at Rosary Center, Portland, Oregon, USA -2009
Inauguration as Bishop (Bischof) RMI Rosary Ministries International 2009
accredited and embedded as Archbishop at AIIC-Dioceses 2012
Granted Master of economical and social affairs, MSCS, UN-DESA 2014
granted Dr. economics/socionomics at UN-DESA United Nations Department of Economical and Social Affairs 2016,
President of MSCS with IGO status at UNECOSOC and UNDESA
Climate fund 200 Millions at UNFCCC, Bonn, Germany, founder of ROSARY Holding (i.G.)
Knight Templaar at Knights Templaar International, Roselyn, UK. 

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