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The Magic Ultimate Bio-Metric Matrix- by LAD Uwe Rosenkranz

When doing our 5 years ++ Bio-Seal ©®  research, we found out, that some basic quality building factors in organically growing fruits and field vegetables relate and interfere to a specific Bio-Metric Matrix.

This could be magic, but was prooved on several levels of truth.

Each + plus and * star symbolizes the factor of revelation between two correlation factors.

During the research we have not been able to reproduce and manufacture these Matrix Modelling, since we have had not enaugh IT capacity at University of Bonn and University of Aachen, both settles in Germany.

Nowadays, we have benefitted entry to Quantum Computer D-Wave at Jülich, NRW, Germany.

Our public adress for this 200 factors modelling and simulation appeares here:

Rosary-mom at D-Wave Quantum Computer

 The Bio-Matrix©®  is shown as follows:

K means: Korrelation Factor ; reaching from 0-100
with randomly korrelated = 25%
Rosenkranz, Kledtke, Schulz, Köpke et. al. 1990



The mathematically transformed Korrelation Matrix is founding on 5 ++ years field experiments with scientific labour on  (high pressure liquid chromatography) and several other state-of-the-art methods, as discribed in 5 doctoral thesis and 6 Diplom´s / Masters thesis.

Above shown is a tableau that combines the bio-chemical factors, their correlation and the grade of correlation (K), whereas

* is: significant, 

** is high significant,

 *** is very high significant. 

minus means a reziproke correlation.

#Bio-Metric Magic Matrix©® , Bioseal research aftermath, LAD Uwe A. E. Rosenkranz, 2018


Modelling in a 3- dimension room-
coordinate system in a Ptolomäic world view


whereas x- axa reveals the Gauss´sche Glockenfunktion
with normalverteilter Grundgesamtheit;
x = 0,5; 2; 3,5 and
y= -1; 0; 1 and
z = -1;0;1
The Koordinatentransformation on the x-axa reflexes the
Normal distribution of the mathematical Thesis-test  ----



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CV of Archbishop Dr. Uwe Alfred Erich Rosenkranz, MA,DD.

Born Pentecoast Sunday 1960 as first son of Ernst-August Otto Gustav Emil Rosenkranz und Angret Hedwig Rosenkranz.
Brother Bernd Rosenkranz, Sister Kerstin Rosenkranz
 married since 1998 with Elke Christa Rosenkranz
School: Groundschool Mönchengladbach-Hardt 1966-1970
Gymnasium Math.Nat.Gymn. MG 1970 - 1979 -Abitur
Apprentice: Dresdner Bank MG, 1979-1982 - Bankkaufmann (Banker)
Studies: University of Bonn, Germany, Agrarwissenschaft (Agrar Sience), Organischer Landbau (Organic Farming)
1982 - 1992 - Diploma- Bachelor
ALANUS Highschool of Arts and social leadership 1983 - 1990 - Profect leader
Bio-Seal EU2000 
Bioseal globally (IFOAM) 2010
Sales Engineer Minister Highschool- 2000-2001
Global University/ICI/Berean 2000 - 2010
Religious Education , Second BA
Perpetual Incardination as Priest (Reverend) at Rosary Center, Portland, Oregon, USA -2009
Inauguration as Bishop (Bischof) RMI Rosary Ministries International 2009
accredited and embedded as Archbishop at AIIC-Dioceses 2012
Granted Master of economical and social affairs, MSCS, UN-DESA 2014
granted Dr. economics/socionomics at UN-DESA United Nations Department of Economical and Social Affairs 2016,
President of MSCS with IGO status at UNECOSOC and UNDESA
Climate fund 200 Millions at UNFCCC, Bonn, Germany, founder of ROSARY Holding (i.G.)
Knight Templaar at Knights Templaar International, Roselyn, UK. 

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